Elementary Drama Club

The Salem Drama Club and 6th Grade are proud to present


Friday, March 8th & Saturday, March 9th

7:00 pm

Salem Central School Auditorium



General Admission $5

Students & Senior Citizens $2

Final  Rehearsal Schedule for

March 1 st-March 9th

ALL Back Stage Workers Needed ALL Week!!!!


This is IT!!!  AHOY AND AVAST!!!

Sun 3/3  11:00-2:00) EVERYBODY! (Bring a water bottle and a snack!)  Run Show!

Mon. 3/4 (2:20-4:30) EVERYBODY-Dress Rehearsal

Tues. 3/5(2:20-4:30) EVERYBODY-Dress Rehearsal

Wed. 3/6 (5:00- 8:00 pm) EVERYBODY-Dress Rehearsal & Cast Photo  (All Back stage crew must wear black)

Thurs. 3/7 (2:20-4:30) EVERYBODY-Final Dress Rehearsal

Fri. 3/8 -SHOW TIME!!!  Call Time-6:00 pm Show Time-7:00 pm

Sat. 3/9-SHOW TIME!!!  Call Time-6:00 pm Show Time-7:00 pm

There will be a small cast party  in the cafeteria after the Sat. show for the CAST MEMBERS ONLY