Class Schedule
The Elementary Library is open on Monday and Thursday from 8:15am - 2:15pm.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday the Elementary Library is open from 8:00am - 3:12pm.

*Monday High School Day 1:45-2:15 Mrs. Greene

*Tuesday Elementary Day 9:00-9:30 Mr. LeBlanc
10:30-11:00 Mrs. Skelly
11:15-12:00 Mrs. Washburn
12:00-12:30 Mrs. Ridler
1:15-1:45 Mr. Merryman

*Wednesday Elementary Day
8:30-9:00 Mrs. Russo AM
9:30-10:00 Mrs. Aunchman
10:30-11:00 Mrs. Rogers
12:30-1:00 Mrs. Russo PM
1:30-2:00 Mr. Stalter

*Thursday High School Day
*Friday Elementary Day
9:00-9:30 Mrs. Keys
9:30-10:00 Mrs. Parker
11:15-12:00 Mrs. Flint
12:00-12:30 Mrs. Bourgeois
12:30-1:00 Mr. Talmadge