Mrs. Skelly

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                         4th Graders have been working very hard this cold, snowy January. We have been working on learning how fables are written and the meaning of what a "moral" is. We have explored different themes and what char"act"erization means. (Who knew animals could act like people!) We have been increasing our writing stamina by practicing writing for 5 minutes without breaking concentration. We have done this both by writing with pens (we LOVE colored pens) and typing. The length and depth of our writing is already astounding. This month we will focus on "text structure", theme, and answering questions with inferences and details.


In Math, we have been working on long division. Learning our multiplication facts has really paid off! Keep up the good work. We are now persevering through fractions. Students may stay after any time Tues-Thurs. for extra help. We know fractions can be confusing, but with practice we'll get it!

In Social Studies, we have finished up Explorers and the early Dutch settlers. We learned about Peg Leg Pete. We are going to be learning about the 13 colonies-(ask your student to sing the 13 colony song!) We will learn about early homes, clothing, food, and general life.

In Science, we are finishing up weather and the water cycle and will be working on powders and crystals. This is a fun chemistry unit that really helps with learning the states of matter.


We have been working on cursive..the students think that cursive can be a "secret code" for adults and have been enjoying cracking the code!

RECESS!! We do try to go out daily, unless it gets too cold. So please have your child dress WARMLY! Hats, boots, mittens, and snow pants help them to stay warm so they can go out and get some fresh air.

Valentine's Day

We will have a small Valentines Day celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 14th. If you would like to send in juice, cheese, crackers, fruit, or veggies, we would really appreciate it. Please remember we do have food allergies. On the back of the newsletter is the class list. If your child would like to bring in Valentines, please make sure there is one for every child and that they are in a plastic or paper bag with your child’s name on it. They can be sent in anytime and we will hold them here until the celebration.

A current class list can  be found in the useful links section.

Have a Heart…..

Do Your Part……

The Cool 2 Be Kind Club is, once again, coordinating a collection of food, etc., for our Food Pantry.

We will be collecting: February 5th – 9th.

Every classroom will be given some red paper hearts. For every item brought in, please attach a heart on the wall in the hallway near your class room. We are trying to make a chain of hearts around the building!!!!

Some items needed are: Food, soap, toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, and cleaning supplies.

Special Thanks!


We would like to give special thanks to the Shoppe On Broadway. They have made it possible through a scholarship/grant to go on our annual 4th grade Field Trip to the Albany Museum. This Field Trip occurs in June and is a wonderful culmination of our 4th Grade New York Curriculum! It would not be possible without their help.

Dates to Know and Remember

February 5th-Student Council Valentine Fundraiser beginning

February 5-9th Cool 2B Kind "Have a Heart" Food Drive

Tuesday, February 13-(2:20) 4th Grade Makerspaces

Wednesday, February 14th-Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 15th-100th day

February 19-February 23- Winter Break School Closed