Mrs. Skelly

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Happy March!

            It has been a busy  winter for the 4th graders.  We hope that the children will continue to put all of their ELA skills into practice.  We have been working on reading comprehension and clear writing.  Please encourage your child to do his/her best work. 

            In Math, the word for the month is Geometry!!!  We will be working with shapes and angles.  Math vocabulary is very important, please help your child .

            In Social Studies we are in the middle of the Revolutionary War!  We are learning all about the events that led up to our fight for independence and the role that New York played.  In Science we are  working  on Electricity!

                Thank you to everyone who sent goodies in for our Valentine Celebration. We had a “lovely” day!

The New York State E.L.A exams are going to be given starting on Tues. March 28th.    We will be taking the exams on the Chrome Books this year.  We keep this time of year very relaxed and low key.  We also like to provide a healthy “brain boost” at the beginning of the day.  Fresh fruit, boxed, dry cereal munchies, and or cheese and crackers.  We would love to have some help

with this.  We do have food allergies, so if you are able to provide a “brain boost” just write me an email or give me a call and we can schedule it.  THERE IS NO  HOMEWORK THAT WEEK!!!